The school

Bulgarian School Amsterdam offers Bulgarian language courses for children and adults.

At Bulgarian School Amsterdam we strive to give our students professional, modern and comprehensive language education and acquaint them with the uniqueness of Bulgarian culture and customs.

With our curricula and dedicated teachers, we offer our students a way to develop their language abilities and broaden the understanding of the richness of Bulgarian culture, which we celebrate together with internationalism.

At Bulgarian School Amsterdam we work for creating an environment that makes the school a favorite place for both our students and teachers. We want our students to be able to feel the joy of achievement and always be intrigued, to look forward to their next Bulgarian class every week.

Bulgarian School Amsterdam is located in the building of De Havelaar at Douwes Dekkerstraat 2, 1053 SX Amsterdam, next to a big playground and an animal farm. 

The school is conveniently located close to the shopping Kinkerstraat and Bilderdijkstraat. It is easily accessible by car (ring A10) and public transport (tram 13). Parking is free on Sundays.

School activities:

Apart from Bulgarian language classes for Bulgarian children and non-Bulgarian adult learners of the language, Bulgarian School Amsterdam school offers:

*A variety of extra school activities – Bulgarian craft and art workshops for kids, Bulgarian folk music workshops.

*Translation services


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