Bulgarian School Amsterdam


Bulgarian school Amsterdam

Bulgarian School Amsterdam offers Bulgarian language courses for children and adults.

At Bulgarian School Amsterdam we strive to give our students professional, modern and comprehensive language education and acquaint them with some intriguing examples of Bulgarian history and culture.

With our curricula and dedicated teachers we offer our students the opportunity to develop their language abilities and broaden their understanding of the richness of Bulgarian culture, which we celebrate together with internationalism.


A New Course for Beginners in Bulgarian for 2016/2017

Join our new beginners’ Bulgarian language course for adults!

30 classes every Sunday of the school year 2016/2017, focus on the spoken language and key grammar topics, experienced teachers and small groups – a fun and challenging start in learning how to communicate, read and write in Bulgarian!


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New School Year 2016/2017

Our first school day  is on Sept 11th 2016!!!

Meet us at:

De Havelaar 

Douwes Dekkerstraat 2
1053 SX Amsterdam.

We have:
– groups for music, dance, games and fun for kids 0-3
– groups for children aged 4 or older – we learn Bulgarian language; we keep it fun and intriguing for the children, getting inspired by their own ideas for a perfect school; we have creative workshops on Bulgarian history, art and culture; we shoot movies together; write scripts and stories; we celebrate Bulgarian holidays together
– language groups for adult beginners in Bulgarian – a solid beginning in learning how to communicate, read and write in Bulgarian


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